Vector Calculus Formulas - Theorems and results from Vector Calculus, all in one small file. I wrote this while I was in my second year of math at the University of Saskatchewan, because I wanted to have all the formulas right in front of me instead of having to search through a textbook to find everything I need. I've decided to make it available to anyone else that could use it.

Introduction to regular expressions - Starting from the basics, you'll become a regular expressions pro in no time. This is mainly geared towards bash users who want to figure out how to use the crazy grep and egrep, but the information is applicable to a lot of different programming languages as well. Regular expressions are fairly standard.

Moving 3D objects with a 2D mouse - I haven't been able to find much information on this topic, so I decided to write about it myself. Basically it will use the mouse to move an object around on a 2D plane a certain distance from the camera, regardless of what direction the camera is pointing. I used this technique in making a level editor with four viewports, and objects can be moved from any of them without a significant amount of coding.